Pet Boarding in York, SC

Whether or not to board your pet can be a difficult decision, and it comes with many considerations to make. The health and safety of your pet is the most crucial aspect, but you also need to consider its daily schedule, how it interacts with other animals, and who will be looking after your pet while you are gone. At White Rose Veterinary Clinic in York, SC, we provide pet boarding and kennel services for dogs and cats at our animal clinic.

Benefits of Veterinary Pet Boarding

Many people enjoy knowing that our veterinary staff looks after their pets the way they would at home: carefully, with attention and love. In addition, many people have peace of mind knowing our vet team is in charge, because there is an animal hospital on-site, so their pets won't have to go somewhere different for emergency care. We have a vet who can offer immediate care, daily walks, and socialization for their pets.

Dog and Cat Boarding Services

When your pets arrive for an overnight stay at our boarding center, we will treat them as one of the family. We provide several things for your dog or cat.

  • Same space for pet siblings or paired pets if required
  • Comfortable and spacious sleeping beds, hammocks, and cots for all breeds, medical needs, and abilities
  • Daily walks for dogs
  • Separate socialization and playtime for dogs and cats
  • Large kennels for extra-large breeds or larger pet families
  • Dogs and cats sleep in different areas of the building
  • Vaccinations, nail-trimming, and other services as requested

In addition, we provide many supplies for dogs and cats in the sleeping, outside, and play areas. You can bring your pet’s favorite toys, bedding, and food if you feel it will make your pet’s stay more comfortable. If your pet has special needs, has specific personal quirks, or we need to administer medication, please let us know. Every pet is different, and we welcome learning as much as we can about the furry members of your family to make their stays more comfortable.

Visit Our Veterinarian in York, SC for Kennels and Pet Boarding

Finding somewhere for your pet to stay while you are gone can be hard, but we are here to help. At White Rose Veterinary Clinic in York, SC, our team provides pet boarding with comfortable accommodations. We are also here to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy while under our care. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.