About Us

At White Rose Veterinary Clinic in York, SC, not only are your pets members of your family, but we treat them like members of ours. Our facility provides a wide variety of veterinary services. Our veterinarian, Dr. Sylvia Chappell, and her team thrive on helping you keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy at every stage of life.

What We Offer

White Rose Veterinary Clinic welcomes animals who require surgical care, emergency treatments, preventative care, routine check-ups, dental cleanings, X-rays, boarding services, nail trimming, and more. Beyond treating your cherished family companions with the utmost care and consideration during your pet's visits, our animal hospital stays up-to-date with veterinary technology breakthroughs, enabling us to care for your pets with the latest in veterinary medical treatments or techniques. We keep our York clinic calm, kid-friendly, and relaxed for pet parents and families. You and your pets are in capable hands.

Meet Our Vet

Dr. Sylvia Chappell is an experienced veterinarian who excels at treating severe animal conditions, emergency veterinary medical situations, and providing direction on effective habits that help prevent illness or disease. She handpicked her team members to provide the same level of care and attention to your pets as she does herself. White Rose Veterinary Clinic works as a cohesive team to help your pet feel relaxed and comfortable before, during, and after examinations. While boarding at our animal clinic, your pet will feel loved, cared for, and safe. It's the closest thing to being at home while they're away from home. During emergency visits, our team quickly and safely assesses and treats your pets.

Resources for You and Your Pets

We know that better pet health begins with proper nutrition and exercise. The more you know about some simple changes you can make at home and helpful habits for preventative care, the higher your pet's chances are of maintaining optimal health. We invite you to browse our informational articles to learn more. We also offer an online pharmacy, so you can easily stay up to date with your pet’s medications. Our team also provides dog training and can help with behavioral issues.

Contact Us Today

At White Rose Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to serve the York, SC, community. With our wide variety of veterinary services, we can help your pet with any health issues it has. We want your pets to live happy, healthy lives. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.