Our surgery suite is sterile and very clean. We perform spays, neuters, bladder stone removal, growth removals and much more with the highest standards of care for your pet. We offer pre-anesthetic blood screening before you pet undergoes anesthesia. Your pet is monitoring during the entire surgery by Dr. Sylvia and one of the Veterinary Nurses. The Nurse will constantly monitor heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, oxygen, and pulse. We ensure that you pet in comfortable during surgery and recovery. Dogs are discharged the same day and cats are kept overnight.


Depending on the procedure, your pet may need to be administered general anesthesia. We understand that many pet owners are hesitant when it comes to anesthesia, but we can assure you that it is quite safe. Your pet will undergo a thorough examination to ensure the procedure runs as smoothly as possible. We follow a strict anesthetic protocol to ensure the safety of our patients.

We begin most general anesthetic procedures by administering a sedative to help the pet relax in order to decrease any anxiety and diminish pain. Once your pet is completely under, we place a breathing tube into the patient’s windpipe to ensure your pet is receiving an optimal amount of oxygen.